Mighty Mate

Full Body

50 mins | 45s intervals

Up to 900 Cal

No class is the same but here’s what to expect...

This is our hardest and longest class with potential to burn up to 1,000 calories in a single session! In this format, we rotate through 9 full-body exercises in a traditional circuit format focusing on the entire body. Through a combination of functional upper and lower body strength training exercises and some heavy cardio we’ll get those heart rates up and that blood pumping. This is a great class to add to your routine if you want to step up the intensity or can only make it once or twice a week.

Cara Provenzano

Not sure if my abs are sore from laughing so hard at Luke or from the actual workout!

Cara Provenzano Google Review
Sean Pepin

Love the classes, most of the trainers are amazing. High energy and good vibe. Music can pump a bit loud, but it makes you forget how much you are sweating.

Sean Pepin Google Review
Cody Highsmith

Loved the class so much that I might actually try Vegemite next! I have done multiple classes at this location and love the variety of trainers and classes!

Cody Highsmith Google Review