We’re A Little Different

Where others yell, we cheer. Where others compete, we high five. Where others live to train we train to live.

What’s a Mate

Someone who’s there for the good times, the bad times, and the in-between times.

When we started Training Mate in 2013, this idea of mateship was at our core. Building on the camaraderie our founder experienced playing professional sport, we believe you can achieve anything if you have a positive and supportive community of mates around you.



High-Intensity Interval Training (that’s “HIIT’ in gym slang) combines cardio and resistance exercises to burn up to 1,000 calories per class. Sounds hard, right? Well, it is. But no worries, with your mates by your side you’ll enjoy every minute.

It’s bloody hard.
But it’s meant to be.

We know you’re up for the challenge, champion! Remember, you can do anything for 45 seconds – especially with the support of our amazing community of mates! Our workout is designed to allow you to go at your own pace and can accommodate all fitness levels.

Training Mate is honestly the best high intensity workout class I’ve found. You’re guaranteed to sweat, to laugh and to leave feeling joyful. I can always count on this place to whip me into shape and keep me laughing.

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