Dempsey is Training Mate’s resident “Small but Mighty Mate.” But don’t let her 5 foot 2 frame fool you! She’s worked as a personal trainer for 10 years & is an Ironman triathlete, holistic health coach, and endurance runner.
About Dempsey

Hailing all the way from the San Fernando Valley (her American accent is flawless), Dempsey grew up playing competitive softball and volleyball and has since dedicated her life to helping others find their passion for fitness. Dempsey’s strong emphasis on form, infectious smile, and positivity make her classes perfect for everyone from first-timers to seasoned Training Mates!

Fun Facts
When she was 8 years old, she rapped in her elementary school talent contest.
She’s a diehard LA Dodgers & Boston Red Sox fan.
She has recently developed a passion for puzzles.