In my classes you can expect great music, no BS approach, hustle with attention to form, good vibes, energy, and motivation! You’ll want to push yourself in my classes and you won’t ever regret the workout even when you may not feel like it. I am always proud of those that show up consistently for themselves. 

Meet Your Training Mate Ryan

About Ryan VanDyke

Ryan was born and raised in the Midwest. He lived in Los Angeles for 16 years and moved to DTX a few years ago. He’s been a fitness enthusiast for over half his life and believes a healthy lifestyle is imperative to a better quality lifestyle. He competed with some of the top level pro’s in physique competitions in his earlier years and has been a catalyst of change in 1000’s of people lives over the years. He’s gotten massive results for his clients with a few losing over 200lbs!
He's a very transformative coach and truly want his clients to grow, change, and EVOLVE. It’s a mind, body, and soul approach. Transformation is a VERB to him - you gotta put in the work for it. He loves it when he can inspire human beings to physically create change in their body. It’s truly amazing seeing them establish a new path for themselves through health and wellness.


Fun Facts

  • Pizza & Donuts are his cheat meal go-to’s – he even has it tattooed on his arm. 
  • He was on the Ellen show in his underwear and won 2nd place
  • He has two dogs Tripp & Kingston Aka Pumba & Timone - they’re best friends. He also has one cat named Lucky who rules the house.
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