It’s going to be a fun, chill, and very encouraging class. You’ll leave ready to take on the day feeling like a total legend. So nothing like my military school training but that story is for another day.

Meet Your Training Mate Shayne

About Shayne

He's always had a passion for fitness and sports. Growing up he played football, basketball and boxed. He's originally from Texas and wanted to join the marines but due to an injury wasn’t allowed in. So he took the natural next step and became a runway model in New York City which lead him to Los Angeles, California. That's where he found his passion in mental health, working at a drug rehab and of course building peoples muscles 😎


Fun Facts

  • He was paralyzed for three months due to an injury.
  • He was a terrible singer in a band.
  • He bumped into grizzly bears during a marathon.
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