When you take class with Max be ready for loud hip hop, some dancing, and a little bit of stand up comedy. Please laugh at his jokes, he's a sensitive boy.
About Max

Max has spent his entire life in the New York area and he knows what great pizza tastes like, so please don't tell him about some amazing pizza place in LA... it just won't measure up. After spending twelve years in New York City, he's ready to take on the City of Angels and sweat it out with his Training Mate family. Playing football at Syracuse University taught Max that organized sports can serve as the ultimate life lesson, and he tries to implement that into his teaching style, life pursuits, and relationships. He's very new to LA, so when you see him make sure to offer up your favorite restaurant recommendations. The kid loves to eat!

Fun Facts
Was named "Class Clown" senior year of high school
Played football at Syracuse University
Is allergic to fish. But can eat shellfish. It's weird.