Gibbo’s been know for his killer beats and smooth dance moves. He’s also one of the founding trainers of Training Mate so knows his way around the place and how to get the most out of all of his mates!
About Gibbo

It's said that Gibbo could swim before he could walk. A background in competitive swimming, competing at State and National level before hanging up his budgee smugglers and goggles for the gym floor, Gibbo is all about good time vibes, getting sweaty… and working out.

As a Certified Personal Trainer he has strutted his stuff on 3 continents over the past 9 years. He brings with him a bounty of experience and enthusiasm, ensuring everyone will FEEL THE BURN!

Fun Facts
He was a competition swimmer and competed at national level in Australia
Gibbo claims to hold the world record for most Tim Tams eaten in a minute
He once made cocktails for a member of the English Royal Family