Come take a trip to Down Under to strengthen and tone your legs & butt! Our signature lower body class combines functional strength training exercises with bursts of cardio to tone your legs and booty while burning major calories! Beware...people might mistake you for a baker because you’ll have the hottest buns in town!


Get beach ready with our signature upper-body class. Bondi Burn combines upper body strengthening exercises with cardiovascular exercises to tighten and tone your arms, chest, back & shoulders. Word on the street is that bis get the guys & curls get the girls! You won’t want to miss this workout!


Join us for a class where you can burn 1,000 calories in a single session! Mighty Mate consists of up to 9 full-body exercises performed in a traditional circuit format. This class combines functional upper and lower body strength training exercises with cardiovascular exercises to tone your entire body, burn calories, and boost your metabolism. After this class, you’ll be hotter than the Australian Outback.


Sydney Circuit offers the best of both worlds – upper and lower body resistance exercises! We also throw in a few cardiovascular exercises to make this class a full-body toning workout that torches calories and revs your metabolism.


Get ready to feel the burn with our newest class! Mel-Burn consists of 3 dynamic circuits, each with their own focus—upper body, lower body, and cardio. Be sure to bring a Band-Aid to class because you’ll leave looking cut!

You Can Do Anything for 45 Seconds

Training Mate is a circuit based 45 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) class that uses a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercises to burn up to 1,000 calories in a single session. The class is divided into four timed stations which you’ll complete with up to three partners. The goal? Push yourself as much as you can during each 45 second interval. No class is the same so you’ll encounter a variety of exercises and equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension bands, bikes, rowers and even kangaroo jumps! These all work to improve your speed, power and endurance all while toning and strengthening the core. Each class ends with a dedicated abs segment complete with the worst jokes you’ve ever heard. Don’t worry, those are free.


Arrive Early We love meeting new mates and want to make sure your first experience at Training Mate is amazing! If you show up a bit early we can show you around and make sure you’re set up for a killer workout. Part of that is making sure you’re there for our instructor’s run through of the class where we demonstrate proper form and safety.

Waiver Paperwork is never fun so get it done ahead of time by filling out our waiver online.

CancellationsWe get it - things come up. All we ask is that you give us 6 hours notice so that we can give your spot to someone else on the waitlist. A $15 cancellation fee will be charged for any no shows.