Luke Milton
May 28, 2020

ClassPass 2019 Award Winners with our Best Studio in LA and Best Instructor in the US wins

The wait is finally over — our Best of ClassPass Awards 2019 winners are here! We’re kicking off the new year with the list of studios and instructors ClassPassers loved the most in 2019. Before you scroll, here’s a little more on how we selected this year’s winners:

For the past 5 years, ClassPass has honored the top male and female instructors in each city — this year, we decided to make the awards bigger and better than ever. Not only did we add categories for your favorite studios, we looked at ClassPass ratings and reviews throughout the entire year to determine which studios and individuals topped the charts.

When ClassPassers walk through the doors of these studios and into the classes of these instructors, they are inspired, motivated and challenged to be their best. We thank each and every one of them for providing the best experiences to the ClassPass community.

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say: “GritCycle truly lives by its motto of “it’s a we thing.”

The studio is a family that is there to support you, challenge you and make you stronger. Never did I think I would be as into cycling as I am or as strong as I am but the motivation of the instructors and studio has made me into a new person!” “It was one of the first places I tried in SoCal through ClassPass and I’ve been hooked ever since! I go every week and found an exercise I actually love and it’s because of their amazing instructors!”

“GritCycle is so much more than a studio, it’s truly a family. Grit has truly changed my life and brought me the most wonderful group of friends. I have never been to a studio that genuinely encourages its community like Grit. Whether they are supporting local charities or supporting milestone rides/life accomplishments, Grit does it in a way that is so genuine and unique to only them. Again, I cannot thank Grit enough for transforming the way I think, treat, and thank my body. I cannot imagine my life without Grit! GRIT STRONG.”

Best Instructor

Reuben Mourad
Training Mate, West Hollywood, CA

Here’s what the ClassPass community had to say: “He’s the best! Funny, encouraging and always making sure that you have the right form! An instructor dream come true!” “Reubs is one of the most motivating and inspirational instructors I’ve had. He genuinely cares about your form, and always brings incredible energy to every class. I’m the fittest I’ve been in my life thanks to him, and I always leave every class of his feeling amazing. Thank you for everything you do.” “Reuben is one of the most unique instructors I’ve ever been trained by. He genuinely cares about every person in his class, of all abilities and ages. He pushes the most advanced athletes but can also make the beginner and first-timer feel at ease. We are all so lucky to have him at Training Mate.”


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