Stags holds the record for loudest and most passionate trainer at Training Mate. He truly loves what he does and wouldn’t miss a “gunday Munday” with his favorite legends at Stud City. Expect high energy, lots of laughs and expert form correction.

Meet Your Training Mate Stagzy

About Stagzy, AKA Stags

Dan's foray into fitness began on the other side of the microphone as a semi-pro Australian football player.

He combined this experience by studying Exercise and Sports Science at one of Australia's leading Health Science universities. Once his little legs would no longer carry him on the field, he transitioned into helping other people's legs, and other assorted body parts, into feeling strong and healthy.


Fun Facts

  • Dan was accepted into the Australian Winter Olympic training squad for the sport of Skeleton Sliding. (It's a one man bobsled 3 inches off the ice with the rider hurtling downhill headfirst)!
  • He hosted an online dating show that's being rebooted soon.
  • As a 4 yr old, he almost lost his eye after dropping a steel spaghetti machine on his head during a 'physics experiment'. He ran inside crying and his mum fainted.
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