Southern Boy = Southern Charm. Nick is his name and Southern Hospitality is his game! No matter where you call home, what kind of accent you have, or your fitness level his classes will make you feel like you've always been part of the family. Be prepared to work hard and just when you need it, he'll be there to push you to exceed your expectations. He prioritizes building your strength training foundation to ensure you feel confident in completing the workout to the best of your ability! Even though he's from Tennessee, expect to find the finest hip hop artists busting through the speakers.

Meet Your Training Mate Nick

About Nick Stapleton

Born and raised in Knoxville, TN and left his favorite person in the world, his mamaw, to move to LA with big dreams to pursue a career in physical fitness. Nick has had an interest in body building and strength training since he was 15 years old. Like any 15 year old who saw The Terminator, he had aspirations to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger but thats also when he stopped growing at 5' 8". He said "Hasta La Vista, Baby" to the Terminator but his passion for fitness remained and found joy in helping other people discover theirs. Since moving to LA three years ago Nick has worked as a personal trainer and coaching group classes at a "He Who Must Not Be Named" Australian-based organization before finding his perfect match at Training Mate.


Fun Facts

  • Has THE MOST HANDSOME australian shepard named Harvey
  • Arguably Tennessee Vols biggest fan. He, in fact, bleeds orange
  • Gas Station Extraordinare - he knows where all the best gas station finds are
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