He believes you can have a great workout and have a smashing good time! You will push your limits and will feel accomplished. You will work hard and play hard at the same time leaving you with the urge to come back and CRUSH your next workout!

Meet Your Training Mate Jeff

About Jeff Schreiner

Born and raised in the Mile High City just outside of Denver Colorado, Jeff is striving to be high on life, even when he is not high above sea level. During his younger years, he dreamed of being a professional wrestler and was obsessed with The Rock. With a few years of training in the ring, as well as many years of weight training, he found his passion for fitness and helping others in their fitness journey. He believes with dedication and hard work, ANYTHING is possible!


Fun Facts

  • Jeff is an aspiring stuntman and oftenly gets mistaken for Orlando Bloom
  • Was a professional wrestler and has had matches in both Kentucky and California under the name of Jefferson Scott
  • He also used to set himself on fire and jump from a tower for a live stunt show
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