She believes you can do seriously hard work AND have a seriously fun time all at once! In her class you will challenge yourself, you’ll laugh, you’ll hopefully dance along with her and you’ll leave feeling like you got your butt kicked- but more importantly, feeling empowered.

Meet Your Training Mate Jacqueline

About Jacqueline

Born and raised in upstate New York, Jacqueline is proud to represent her East Coast origins without having to deal with East Coast weather. Growing up, her parents put her in both ballet and Taekwondo lessons at the same time, and since then has had a passion for movement in all its forms and an unwavering belief in the wide scope of human potential. 

While her dreams of being a Rockette died a swift death with the realization that she would never be 5'7 tall, her passion for performance, fitness and health continued to grow over the years. She loves helping others utilize fitness and healthy lifestyle habits to realize their own power and potential!


Fun Facts

  • Has been known to cry at videos of baby elephants
  • She is also a stunt performer, and once fell 20 ft during a live show
  • Has an irrepressible desire to explore new places and the ability to fall asleep just about anywhere
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