I mean... what CAN'T you expect from his class?! He prides himself on always bringing warmth, friendliness and energy... Oh and most importantly, dad jokes.. a whole lotta those! On a more serious note, Ihe's not here to destroy you through a workout and leave you never wanting to come back. We're gonna work hard, he's gonna challenge you, but promises you won't regret it. Let's put the Mate in "Training Mate" shall we?!
About Kevin

He's originally from New Caledonia, which is a French island, sohe's French.... but Ihas an Aussie accent... confused yet? How do you think he feels! He's been in the fitness world for over a decade now. Name a sport, he's probably tried it. He's somewhat of a hybrid athlete in the sense that he loves lifting heavy stuff in the gym, climbing, going on hikes, and juggling. He strongly believes that consistency will always be the best way to go about anything and makes sure that fitness is a part of his life, not the other way around. Work hard play hard kinda thing, you know?

Fun Facts
He was a contestant on American Ninja Warrior
He was on a famous Australian TV show
He still doesn't know how to separate colors from whites and blacks or whatever else you're supposed to do when you do laundry. But you know what? So far so good. Only time he's ever had an issue was when he tried washing his pink thongs with white sheets, but that never happened again (he doesn't wash his thongs anymore).