Colin Koth

Colin loves to encourage you and sing your praises, while also motivating, challenging, and fine-tuning your form. He believes working out should be fun, so he's always bringing a smile, some great pop and throwback tunes, and a few laughs to keep things upbeat and positive
About Colin Koth

Colin is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota (so, not quite Australia). He played all of the sports (pretty much all of them). In college, he chose track and field and won an indoor 400 meter National Championship. He loves many forms of fitness whether that's a Training Mate class, basketball, a little yoga, a run, or a good old-fashioned hike.

Fun Facts
His favorite animal is a rhinoceros. Yes. A rhino.
In high school, he played guitar and sang backup vocals in a band called Crimson Rain.
He can still dunk a basketball on a good day