The Mates


Luke's fitness career began as a professional Rugby player in Australia where he was lucky enough to play for his country. After retiring from Rugby, Luke founded Training Mate in Sydney, Australia and quickly established himself as a leader in the fitness community. He is now a celebrity trainer here in Los Angeles and lives by the belief that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of physical, social and mental health. He is so excited to bring the Aussie approach to fitness to WeHo and even happier to bring the short Rugby shorts!


It's said that Adam could swim before he could walk. A background in competitive swimming, competing at State and National level before hanging up his budgee smugglers and goggles for the gym floor, Gibbo is all about good time vibes, getting sweaty… and working out. As a Certified Personal Trainer he has strutted his stuff on 3 continents over the past 9 years. He brings with him a bounty of experience and enthusiasm, ensuring everyone will FEEL THE BURN!


Zac is from Australia’s steel city, Newcastle, and he will get your muscles rippled like a corrugated iron roof! Whether it is with a stick or a ball, Zac has played it all, having represented Newcastle in rugby league, rugby union, cricket and hockey. For him, it’s all about teamwork, those who laugh together sweat together and he has a lifetime of Dad jokes ready to unleash along with a mean abs circuit.


Born and bred in the steel city, Casey bleeds black and gold. While he may not like Vegemite, he's fluent in Aussie and has been known to rock a speedo or two. His passion for fitness combined with his energy and charm make him a triple threat down at SAMO. Fun fact: he can recite every line from Dumb & Dumber.


Rachael is Training Mate’s very own Essex girl (by place of birth, not reputation...look it up) With a background in martial arts and a black belt in Taekwondo...she'll make sure you walk away from her classes feeling pumped and ready for the next one! She is a certified personal trainer and has a qualification in advanced sports nutrition, so she knows a thing or two about how to look and feel awesome! Rachael is energetic, friendly and believes in looking after all aspects of your mind, body and soul.


Some have said TJ stands for “Tall & Jolly” because he’s the team's BFG. But don’t let that fool you! Behind the terrible singing, confusing impressions & embarrassing dance moves, his classes will make you sweat! Raised on rugby, he’s a team player & leaves no one behind. TJ will push you to challenge yourself & will make sure you give all those cheek muscles a workout.


Marc is Training Mate’s resident Welsh man. With a background in athletics, competitive running and rugby, Marc will 100% get your heart rate up (for all the wrong reasons). Having lived in Australia for nearly five years, Marc’s definitely taken to the Aussie way of training. He believes in keeping it consistent, enjoyable and fun - however don’t be fooled... this welshman wants results (Viking style).


Jade is a certified personal trainer who loves rugby league, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, nature, the beach, dogs, and Jeeps. She was born in Italy, grew up in Australia’s Byron Bay, and has moved house 50 times (can you say nomad?!).


Not much is known about Chris's early years. What we do know for sure is that he was born on Sydney's North Shore and over the years has tried his hand in pretty much every sport imaginable (no, Curling is not a sport). Some say he is actually responsible for a number of Gibbo's most offensive jokes. Others credit him with a number of Luke's most prized dance moves. And yet others claim he is the inspiration behind Zac's flowing locks. But really, who knows. Regardless, we can say with certainty that he has a passion for helping people from all walks of life achieve their goals. He always has a good attitude, a few bad jokes and will drag you kicking and screaming through even the most brutally ill-conceived abs circuit!!


Dempsey is Training Mate’s resident “Small but Mighty Mate.” But don’t let her 5 foot 2 frame fool you! She’s a certified trainer, Ironman triathlete, and endurance runner. Hailing all the way from the San Fernando Valley (her American accent is flawless), Dempsey grew up playing competitive softball and volleyball and has since dedicated her life to helping others find their passion for fitness. Dempsey’s strong emphasis on form, infectious smile, and positivity make her classes perfect for everyone from first-timers to seasoned Training Mates!


Bio coming soon!


Stephen Murphy sounds so official so let’s just stick with Murph since he’s your mate now! A dreamy hybrid of Scotsman and Kiwi, Murph has a broad background in sports ranging from rugby, boxing, Muay Thai, to powerlifting and being a strength and conditioning coach. He believes that training the body is actually the easy’s the mind that can be tricky! That’s where Murph comes in! Pushing through barriers and reframing your mindset to be more positive whilst having fun is what he’s all about.