We’re Back Mates!

We couldn’t be more excited to get back to what we love most and seeing all of you again! We consider you all family and are committed to creating the safest environment we can for all of our mates and making your health our first priority.

New Policies & Procedures

In order to do that, we’ve implemented a range of new policies and procedures in accordance with the CDC and California state guidelines that will ensure the very highest of standards when you come back to visit us. Please take a look before you come in for your first class back.

Download our NEW app.

It’ll let you purchase classes, book a spot online, and then check in when you’re within 100m of the studio. 

Enter your credit card details so we can process any payments for classes, merchandise, and water without any physical contact. We’re no longer using Mindbody so downloading this app or booking though our website is the only way to sign up or edit your details.

New Schedule

Smaller classes will be spaced throughout the day and are different to our old schedule. 
As we are allowed we will expand class size and frequency.  Please check back regularly to this site for more details.  

Pick a Spot On-Line

For the first time you are able to pick your spot when you book in. 

Once you're checked in, you’ll be asked to move to your pre-selected workout spot, which will be clearly numbered. 

Once inside please collect your equipment and then stay at your station.

Arrive 15 Minutes Before Class

Due to limited class numbers and social distancing requirements, you should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before the start time. Once class starts, the front door will be locked, and no latecomers will be permitted to enter the studio.

Temperature Check

You’ll have your temperature taken at entry with a no-touch thermometer. 

 You’ll also need to verbally confirm that you don’t currently have any symptoms of COVID-19 and have a temperature under 100 degrees Fahrenheit to enter.


Due to LA County requirements all clients wear a mask at all times in the studio, this includes while exercising. 

You can now exercise outdoors without a mask if you have been vaccinated.  

Please provide your own mask (mask must be non-vented). 

Our staff will also be wearing masks inside the studio.

Collect Your Gear

You’ll need to collect a loop band and two disinfected dumbbells from the rack, before starting the workout; one heavy and one light dumbbell. 

Please note that this will be your personal equipment you will use for your workout, and will not be able to be swapped once chosen, due to sanitization requirements.


You’ll notice extra hand sanitizing stations around the studios, and you’re welcome to take some extra wipes to your station to use, if you’d like to give your equipment an additional clean before or during the workout.

We will ask you to sanitise your station before working out and / or before moving onto the next station.  
During Class

While you’ll still get the same great Training Mate sweat you remember, the actual workout will be amended slightly to accommodate all health and safety requirements.

Same But Different

The room will be set up with clearly marked distances between your own individual station, and once the class starts, we kindly ask that you remain in your marked area to respect other people’s social distancing. 

There’ll be a spot for you to put your belongings at your own station too, but we ask that you leave your bags in your car and only bring what you need for the workout.

One Touch Equipment

You will be using just one piece of cardio equipment during the class; either a rower, ski-erg, air bike, or jump rope / sliders. 

When you book into class online or on the app, you’ll have the option to choose your preferred cardio, and be assigned a corresponding spot.

No Touch Zone

As much as we love you, we’re going to have to restrict physical contact, and that unfortunately means no high fives, no handshakes, no hugs, and yes, no kisses. 

But trust us when we say, we’re still obsessed with you, mates!

Stay in Your Spot

Each class is 45 mins long, and due to social distancing requirements and the layout of the room, we kindly ask that you remain in your area for the duration of the class and not leave early.
After Class

You’ll have to take those sexy, sweaty bodies home to wash off there. Toilets and hand washing basins will still be available.

Showers will be out of operation

You’ll have to take those sexy, sweaty bodies home to wash off there. Toilets and hand washing basins will still be available.

Exit Stage Left

You know that we love a good chat, but once class is over, we need to allow our dedicated cleaning staff enough time to go through and make sure everything is totally sanitized and disinfected for the next class, so appreciate you exiting the studio directly after class has finished.

Deep Clean Between Every Class

We’ve scheduled extended cleaning breaks between classes, and you can be assured that all physical touch points are thoroughly cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant and medical recommendations, by a new dedicated full time cleaning staff.

Merch - Final Sale

If you’d like to purchase any merchandise in the studio, please note that we’re unable to offer exchanges or refunds at this time, and that you will be unable to try on items before you purchase them.
Thank you!
We can’t tell you how much your support has meant to us over the past few months and we appreciate your patience as we navigate these new procedures. Everything that has been implemented has been done to ensure the highest health and safety standards during your workout experience, and we are beyond excited to have you back in our studios, and to sweat it out with us!